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Based here in The Royal Blue resort, Panormos, Rethymnon, JoyRide Cycling Crete, offers a wide spectrum of cycling services to fulfil the desires of all kind of cyclists. From the very beginners to the most advanced cyclists, we have carefully arranged appropriate routes, mountain bike and road cycling tours for a pleasant, satisfactory experience.

  • High quality, perfectly maintained Bikes are available for rent.
  • Guided mountain bike Tours, fully supported to the most spectacular routes of the area depart daily.
  • Training camps for groups are also available seasonally.
  • Customized and exclusive tours, events and riding plans can be arranged upon request.

We have been riding everywhere all over Crete for a great number of years. Mylopotamos is always a favorite, fascinating place to ride. We would love to share the pleasure and the wonder with you.

Welcome to Mylopotamos 

Authentic and undistorted. Between the mountains of Psiloritis (2456m), Kedros (1777m) and Talos (1042m),   Mylopotamos reveals unique pictures, landscapes, villages, people and routes.  

Habituated since prehistoric times, birthplace of Zeus (Dias) the King of Gods, Minoan, Venetian, Ottoman and Byzantine influences are exposed in architecture and sites found all over the area. 

Two cities, Heraklion and Rethymnon from East and West, and three mountains, Talea Ori, Psiloritis (Ida) and Kedros, define a mountainous area fragmented by hills, steep slopes, fertile valleys, rivers, canyons, spots with beautiful scenery and amazing views.

Dozens are the mountain villages of the area. A dense road network with both paved and dirt tracks, offers a multitude of possibilities to plan routes of all types and levels of experience and if you want to see everything you have to be prepared for plenty of kilometers.

Rich in biodiversity, nature presents constantly alternating landscapes, from Alpine mountainous areas, forests, olive trees and vine yards, herbs and wild flowers to tropical coastal zones. A great number of rivers and streams are carving magnificent canyons on their way from the peaks to the sea.

Join us in a JoyRide, a fascinating cycling experience in the marvelous Cretan landscape.

Contact JoyRide Cycling Crete for information:
Phone: +30 6906903223


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